Private Sessions:

Intuitive Energetic Healing 
(Full session. Intuitive read, guidance and energy healing included)
These sessions are designed to align you with your Soul path, have clarity on your life, journey and get to the root cause of whatever obstacles you are experiences (body illness, relationship patterns, financial blocks, career expansion), & give you the best way to overcome them. A combination of an intuitive reading on your Soul path and guidance, plus a personalized energetic healing. Source channeled messages, Soul path clarity, psychic read on any personal questions you might have. High frequency plan of action to overcome obstacles. The energetic healing may include: Removing blocks, breaking negative patterns, trauma recovery, body healing, dark energy clearing, frequency boosting, cord cutting, chakra alignment, accessing the akashic records, unlocking hidden abilities and much more. 

Investment $350


Intuitive Guidance
(Mini session. Only intuitive read and guidance. Energetic healing not included)
Great for a quick intuitive guidance when you need clarity on a specific area of life.
30min $200

During the session, Julie will use her 11+ types of intuition to get a clear channeling from Source energy, your higher self and your spirit guides. Clarifying the current spiritual life lessons you are facing and the most empowered way to overcome them. 

A combination of intuitive guidance and energy healing, to clear any life questions you might have with tools to change your life in the most positive way. In your health, relationships, career or finances. 

The energy work (done prior, during and after session) is personalized according to the healing needed. Body, mind and spirit.


The energy healing may include: Energy retrieval, healing body parts, frequency boost, cord-cutting from past relationships, chakra repair, dark forces clearing, soul karma, trauma healing, akashic records pull, heart opening, youth regeneration and more.




Julie Mullins
Intuitive Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher 





“It was a life changing moment! 

Julie was an Angel sent by the Universe. Knowledgeable, professional and very experienced and she was able to identify my main issue right away with her intuition!! When it comes to career I never listened to anyone because I thought I knew everything. We usually think we know everything - But we don’t. We don’t see the both sides (Inside and outside) Julie is a healer that I trust, and I knew she could see the bigger picture. 

I closed my eyes so many times before in life, and after receiving her thoughts and advices my mind just took it all in and turned into actions. 

A new life, a new way of seeing things and doing everything easily. She taught all about energy and how it would come to me if I let it go. And it did!! There was so much I could understand and make things happen after that! Now I also understand that my needs are very important.

Will recommend her a million times

Thank You Amiga”




"I don’t even know where to begin. Julie is a gift! 

Not only is she supportive and the most genuine cheerleader of my success and achievements, but she has this innate ability to check in and read any situation energetically.

With her spot on intuition she’s able to articulate the meaning and purpose behind my emotions, thoughts, experiences, etc. so that it resonates and is the most useful for my growth and overall happiness. I feel like I can tell her anything and I know I will be met with nothing but love, support. I hands down feel like I have a best friend in my corner looking out for me. I’ve also been lucky enough to experience Julie’s amazing gift of decoding dreams to help me understand what the messages mean and why they show up when they do.

More times than I can count she has taken something I’ve been working on for weeks, if not months and has this unique ability to say the perfect thing that helps me understand and see things from a different perspective. In turn this allows me to either let go or shift patterns of things that are no longer serving me or getting to a place of gratitude.

She is a true gift as a human, let alone healer. I consider myself extremely lucky that we have crossed paths and I look forward to my ability to flourish with her guidance, healing and support. "




“From the second I met Julie something about her stood out to me. She has such an amazing soul and is intuitively gifted. When I met Julie my life was going through some big changes, talk about divine timing.

Knowing how intuitive she is and as all the big changes that were taking place in my life, I turned to her for guidance and clarity. Taking that time to do a session with her gave me a peace of mind and she helped me find the balance that I needed to be able to handle all the things that the universe was throughing at me. Just listening to what she told me I was able to find a hobby that I love and pursue it.

That alone has changed who I am as a person and how I feel about my self. She was able to intuitively tell me things about my self that I only knew. Having someone like Julie being able to give you clarity and a peace of mind is all we need sometimes. To have someone take away that worry in the bit of your stomach about a lot of unanswered questions we might have about where our life is heading is sometimes all we need to be able to allow our attention to go where it is needed the most in order for us to grow and evolve.

I left the session with such joy and inner peace knowing that everything is going to be great! Thank you Julie for an amazing session!! For sure I will be coming back for more!” 



Intuitive, EFT/TFT facilitador

"Just wanted to share a beautiful note about my Healer Julie,

I came to her for clarity and guidance to a situation quite rough at the time, when I got on zoom, she already knew what was happening to me, through her gift of connecting to source, and intuition.

She shared with me what my obstacles are and how I can overcome it. Before I even opened my mouth to say what is happening to me. Damn, she was right on point! I love working with Julie, she is a breath of fresh air.

And now I'm excited to have her as my mentor, she helps me shine a light on the work I am currently doing.




“Julie is truly a beautiful soul who fills up each and every room with positivity and grace! I’m beyond grateful for having her cross my path, and continue to learn from her throughout time. She’s a professional who leads by example, and treats all around her with kindness and love.

She helped me open up to having an unique perspective on every situation, so that I can learn, heal, and grow from each lesson life throws my way! She helped me overcome feelings of guilt, and to deal with worries that were past due!

After this beautiful healing journey, I feel lighter, wiser, and even more excited about life! I recommend her to everyone who wants a powerful loving mindset and a lighter take on life!”




Investor, Real State Agent

"So much empowerment!

Julie is a beautiful person and she gives the most accurate guidance. Who knew self love would even increase my sales?! After I learned to trust my intuition, I make more profitable choices. I have all the tools I need to win the day. It is amazing to be in charge of what I attract and how I feel."




"The session I had with Julie honestly can't be put in words so I'll do my best...

It is scary. lol It's amazing how accurate everything she says is! It's almost like she is in my head already! 

I highly recommend taking her healing sessions.

It'll really change your perspective on a lot of things in life, specially how you perceive reality. 

I can say that after sitting down with Julie I have a much better understanding of how to balance emotions such as fear & not let it control my thoughts. Taught me how to operate at a much higher frequency on a day to day basis, as well as how to tap into my higher self everyday and repeatedly.

Such a wonderful person! Smile is bright & her energy is contagious! Answered all of my testing questions in a heartbeat so I know she really knows what she is doing. :]

Seriously grab a session with her! I know you will be glad you did! & I know she'd me more than happy to have you as a part of her journey as well. Enjoy you time with Julie."  




“... It was a hot August day, a very special baby was born, the baby was named Raya, that was me, a new me! I always believed I was special and had special mission in life to leave a big mark on the world. At some point I lost myself, but then there was Julie. Very interesting and confident persona..

In just the first hour I spent with her knowledge of how to put my mind to work properly again she helped me find myself again. Taught me how ground myself and not lose focus! Already in the first session alone it changed my life, my daily routines and built my new habits.. with that being said I am more confident and looking forward to achieving all my goals and dreams!”




“After my session with Julie, I felt much more present and awakened to the World around me. Much more aware of what I personally needed to do to maintain a high frequency and operate at my full potential. I feel lighter, calmer and more clear. I feel confident to be love always, regardless of any outside circumstance. I feel like I’ve started the path on finding my inner strength again, and it feels good. It feels right.“ 



Business Owner

"Julie has an incredible perception over life's situations and is by far the most gifted healer I know. I wake up with gratitude and trust my intuition, which has led to huge breakthroughs. 

 I opened my business with confidence and my relationship is thriving!"

Coconut Trees


Full Cup student

I‘m truly grateful, Julie, for your kind and natural way to open my eyes towards my preaches. You ve been teaching me how to get my anwers from God. How to listen to my intuition. How to love me increase my self esteem, face daily inevitable obstacles and keep going. You tell me It s not that bad. It s not that serious .

You showed me how I wrong I was begging for things I don't have instead of thanking God for those things have. You teach me how to feel good, put me first, listen to my heart, treat me gently, face changes... And you keep telling me that obstacles are not punishments. They are lessons to be learned.

I've been taking your classes and in two hours of your courses, I've been learning for a life time. 

Now I wake up and talk to God. Get connected. Feel confident to wake up and face my day. I avoid bad tempered people instead of aligning me with them. And when stress comes, I deeply breath. In the end, it is not that bad. It is not that serious. Thank you Julie. You ve been of great help!! Like an Angel. "



Grateful student

"I met Julie at a very particular point in my life. It was a time where I was going through a lot and I was doing a lot of soul searching, so I was open to new ways of seeing the world. 

My perspective of what was deemed as good of bad wasn't too rigid, but I was looking for ways to clear unhealed traumas, reconnect with my inner-child and find out what my soul purpose. 


The first thing I noticed is her beautiful presence and her strong energy. She is very open, flexible, helpful in a respectful way. You will feel like you are talking to a long lost friend!

I had the pleasure of participating in 2 of her seminars when my self-care/self-love journey started. The tools she provided deeply changed my perspective on love, relationships, boundaries and self-respect, finances, self-worth just to name a few. She reminded me of who I really am under the limiting beliefs and self-doubt I was carrying around.


Julie reminds us of what we know at the core of ourselves, but diminishes, quiet down and forget. She is an amazing guide who is extremely patient when answering any questions you may have. (I am that student who every word triggers a question!) Her answers show her extensive knowledge and also how resourceful she is. 


You will get a tremendous healer who through her teachings gets you to reconnect with the light you have within. The quality of the information she provided is saving me daily from a lot of bad decisions, disappointments and setbacks. My life isn't perfect, but I now practice gratitude for all the blessings I have in order to welcome more. Stumbling across Julie was definitely one."


Farrah Fils Aime

Grateful student

Coconut Trees


Full Cup student

"I feel great after the course. It definitely raised my vibration to a higher timeline! People close to me even commented on my positive transformation. I was able to receive some unexpected miracles from the universe. There was noticeable improvement in chronically difficult areas of my life. And I even had some success with manifesting my heart's desire." 

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