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Private Sessions

A combination of intuitive guidance and energy healing, to clear any life questions you might have with tools to change your life in the most positive way. In your health, relationships, career or finances. 

White Sand and Stone


Full session. Intuitive read, guidance and energy healing included

These sessions are designed to align you with your Soul path, have clarity on your life, journey and get to the root cause of whatever obstacles you are experiences (body illness, relationship patterns, financial blocks, career expansion), & give you the best way to overcome them. A combination of an intuitive reading on your Soul path and guidance, plus a personalized energetic healing. Source channeled messages, Soul path clarity, psychic read on any personal questions you might have. High frequency plan of action to overcome obstacles. The energetic healing may include: Removing blocks, breaking negative patterns, trauma recovery, body healing, dark energy clearing, frequency boosting, cord cutting, chakra alignment, accessing the akashic records, unlocking hidden abilities and much more. 


Investment $350

Image by Le Minh Phuong


Mini session. Only intuitive read and guidance. Energetic healing not included

Great for quick intuitive guidance when you need clarity on a specific area of life.

Investment $200




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