About Julie

Born in Brazil, currently living in Los Angeles, Julie helps people find their true purpose and live their most fulfilling lives. Through her own struggles, heartbreaks and many challenges, she dove deep into a journey of self-development, personal growth and healing. 

"I truly believe that when something happens to us it is not to punish us or to bless us, it is simply mirroring back the energy that we are putting out. When we change our thinking, our actions and our energy, we create different experiences. Most of us grew up unaware of these abilities."

Using her incredible intuition, healing techniques and positive philosophy she will empower you with tools to achieve greater levels of success in all areas of your life.  

Julie is an intuitive energetic healer, spiritual teacher & published author. 

Certified by Guided Light Healing School in Los Angeles


"We are powerful energetic beings with an unlimited source of love, creativity and wisdom."

- Julie Mullins