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Monthly Mentorship Program

Empowering and intimate container for your healing & expansion with full support all month. 

1 month, 2 months or 3 months options.

Beach at Sunset



Bi-weekly 90 min Intuitive Energetic Healing sessions 
(via Zoom) 

Get personalized intuitive reads on your Soul path, clarity on the root cause of any current obstacles & channeled specific tools for life changing solutions. The sessions are a combination of intuitive guidance, neurolinguistic programing, energetic healings and a safe space for you to feel & release your emotions. 


Online classes

Access to course materials that best suit your current endeavor. May include: Learning new tools, understanding Universal & energetic laws, developing your intuition, learning how to clear dark energy, learning energetic healings, manifestation techniques, money expansion, self love & more. 


Text message & email support. 

Support & intuitive guidance within a 24h response period.


Intuitive Guidance

Using my intuition and psychic medium abilities, I am able to channel messages from Source, from your higher self, your guides and your Soul path. Immediately getting to the root cause of any obstacles (such as illness, relationship conflicts, financial or career blocks) and channeling the specific tools for you to heal, overcome and manifest your desired reality. 

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Neuro-linguistic Programming

Practical and easy exercises to reprogram your brain (and subconscious mind) for success. The new habits are meant to assist you in being ahead of obstacles, breaking negative patterns, having emotional balance and becoming the super hero version of you. Unlocking your highest potentials, without the limitations of the mind. 


Energetic Healing

Energetic healings, alignment & activations done through guided meditation. Designed to balance, clear & heal your energy, boost your chakras, released trauma, raise your vibration, activate hidden abilities and much more. Making you magnetic to high frequency people, Divine opportunities & joyful experiences. 



Already in the first session alone it changed my life, my daily routines and new habits. I am more confident, focused and grounded. She helped me find myself again. 



It was a life changing moment! A new life, a new way of seeing things and doing everything easily. There was so much I could understand make happen after that. Will recommend her a million times!


"She gave me tools to very challenging situations in my life I could never imagine to to able to solve in such a very short time" 
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