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Private Mentorship

4 weeks 1:1 with Julie!

-Heal, overcome, manifest.  

-Get rid of any mental, emotional and energetic blocks.  

-Reprogram your subconscious mind & self worth for your next levels of fulfillment and success. 

Beach at Sunset



4 Private Sessions

1 hr each (via Zoom) 

Let's get you from where you are to where you want to be! I will listen to your goals and help you with a roadmap to achieve it. (Mind, body, spirit, life) Includes intuitive guidance, reprogramming your subconscious mind, clarity, confidence, overcoming obstacles, getting rid of blocks & unlocking your true potentials. Welcoming health, wealth, purpose and fulfillment into your life.


Access to my 6 module program Full Cup

Full Cup is a transformational journey to heal your heart from past trauma, ignite your self worth and upgrade your relationship dynamics. 

Includes 6 energetic healings,

20+ video lessons and journaling prompts. 


Text message access for questions and intuitive guidance.  

I will give you support, hold you accountable with love, and provide intuitive guidance along the way. 

Jet Ski


Expanding into possibility. Redefining whats possible. We are powerful energetic beings with an unlimited source of love, wisdom and creativity. Most of us grew up unaware of these abilities. I truly believe when something happens to us is not to punish us or to bless us, it's simply mirroring back the energy that WE put out. When we shift our thinking, our actions and our energy, we create different experiences. By having an understanding of Universal energetic laws, connecting to our source of light and being aware of our gifts of co creation we TAKE OUR POWER BACK. 

Image by britt gaiser


We are what we repeatedly do. After shifting our perception we need to change our actions, our habits, our choices. With simple and practical daily adjustments we reprogram your life. The new habits are meant to assist you in being ahead of the obstacles, setting yourself up to success, having emotional balance and embodying the version of you that you only dream with. Becoming all you are meant to be. 

Forest Trees



Everything that manifests in the physical, starts in the energetic field first. We have an electromagnetic field around us that has a blueprint that determines what we attract, what we believe we deserve and what kind of people we connect to. We also have energetic points of energy in our body, when one of them is out of balance it manifests in the physical form as a block, illness or any type of obstacle. Also, there are events, people and traumas that we get energetically connected to, holding us back.  In this 3rd step of healing we heal your energy, cut cords, balance, align, clear, restore your chakras and much more. Oh, and did I mention clearing dark energy yet?  I help you get rid of any type of negative energy and learn how to protect yourself from it!



Already in the first session alone it changed my life, my daily routines and new habits. I am more confident, focused and grounded. She helped me find myself again. 



It was a life changing moment! A new life, a new way of seeing things and doing everything easily. There was so much I could understand make happen after that. Will recommend her a million times!


"She gave me tools to very challenging situations in my life I could never imagine to to able to solve in such a very short time" 
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