Julie Mullins

Intuitive Energetic Healer 

Empowering you to live your most fulfilling life. 


"All of us have something beautiful to share with the world. We are not meant to fit in and compare ourselves, we are here to create and express our uniqueness. When we are in touch with our intuition and we learn how to put ourselves first, we glow in every single area of our lives. Our obstacles, trauma and pain are here to help us evolve and the sooner we find the lessons, the sooner we overcome and transform our lives. There is a gift in every situation. The reality you are currently experiencing is only a reflection of your current thoughts, actions and energy. It only takes a few small adjustments on your daily routine to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It is our birthright to live a life of empowerment and purpose."

-Julie Mullins

Expand Into Possibility

*Be the creator of your life and redefine

what's possible

*Understand Universal laws and be the energetic match to what you want 

*Stop struggling, start aligning.

*Discover your soul's purpose

* Glow with self-love and confidence 


* Align with a career that is a

perfect match for you

* Learn how to heal your body

and have more energy 

* Stand out in job interviews,

auditions and social settings

* Break negative patterns

* Get your relationship back to

the honeymoon phase

* Turn obstacles into opportunities 


* Heal from past trauma, rejection,

heartbreak, divorce and grief

* Master you finances. Make more

money working less. 

* Tap into your intuition and have your answers

* Open your own thriving business 

* Move on when you are feeling stuck 

* Have intuitive guidance, clarity and plan of action 

* Heal your energy field and raise your vibration

* Protect your energy and never 

feel drained around people 

* Chakra alignment, dark energy

removal, frequency boost

And much more!



“... It was a hot August day, a very special baby was born, the baby was named Raya, that was me, a new me! I always believed I was special and had special mission in life to leave a big mark on the world. At some point I lost myself, but then there was Julie. Very interesting and confident persona.. In just the first hour I spent with her knowledge of how to put my mind to work properly again she helped me find myself again. Taught me how ground myself and not lose focus! Already in the first session alone it changed my life, my daily routines and built my new habits.. with that being said I am more confident and looking forward to achieving all my goals and dreams!”

Raya Stoynova 

Raya Stoynova



-Raya Stoynova

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