Healer Training 

Become an Intuitive Energetic Healer

In these 3 months we will immerse on a journey of learning powerful life changing tools that will not only transform your own life but also enable you to transform the life of others, as a career.   

3 month course with Julie Mullins, Intuitive Energetic Healer.

Online via Zoom.

Thursdays at 6pm PST.

Starts Nov 17th 2022.

(Early bird price $999 until Nov11th. After $1111) 



How to Heal The Body 

Behind every illness there is a spiritual meaning, an emotional root cause. Learn what the body is communicating and how to heal it energetically.


How to remove obstacles 

Obstacles are our teachers. There is a message behind every challenge. All is happening FOR us, not to us. Once we learn how to channel the meaning of it and learn the lessons, we can shift the situation. What we don't heal, will repeat. Learn how to help your client break negative patterns and overcome obstacles in the most powerful way. 



Intuitive Reading & Energetic Healing

Learn how to read any situation energetically and align your clients with their Soul purpose. Learn powerful energetic healing tools to heal the body and unlock your clients greatest potentials. 



Intuitive / wellness coach

I met Julie at a very particular point in my life.

it was a time where I was going through a lot and I was doing a lot of soul searching, so I was open to new ways of seeing the world. 

My perspective of what was deemed as good of bad wasn't too rigid, but I was looking for ways to clear unhealed traumas,reconnect with my inner-child and find out what my soul purpose. 


The first thing I noticed is her beautiful presence and her strong energy.

She is very open, flexible, helpful in a respectful way. You will feel like you are talking to a long lost friend!

I had the pleasure of participating in 2 of her seminars when my self-care/self-love journey started. The tools she provided deeply changed my perspective on love, relationships, boundaries and self-respect, finances, self-worth just to name a few. She reminded me of who I really am under the limiting beliefs and self-doubt I was carrying around.


Julie reminds us of what we know at the core of ourselves ,but diminishes, quiet down and forget.

She is an amazing guide who is extremely patient when answering any questions you may have. (I am that student who every word triggers a question!)

Her answers show her extensive knowledge and also how resourceful she is. 


You will get a tremendous healer who through her teachings gets you to reconnect with the light you have within.

The quality of the information she provided is saving me daily from a lot of bad decisions, disappointments and setbacks. 

My life isn't perfect, but I now practice gratitude for all the blessings I have in order to welcome more.

Stumbling across Julie was definitely one."



Intuitive energy healer, EFT practicioner

"Just wanted to share a beautiful note about my Healer Julie,

I came to her for clarity and guidance to a situation quite rough at the time, when I got on zoom, she already knew what was happening to me, through her gift of connecting to source, and intuition.

She shared with me what my obstacles are and how I can overcome it. Before I even opened my mouth to say what is happening to me. Damn, she was right on point! I love working with Julie, she is a breath of fresh air.

And now I'm excited to have her as my mentor, she helps me shine a light on the work I am currently doing.

Screen Shot 2022-10-07 at 9.25.31 AM.png


Intuitive energy healer 

"Julie is the only intuitive healer I trust. She is connected to Source, God, Universal life force energy without question. I recognize the difference from other experiences that I've had. She is wise beyond human years and can provide insight, guidance and healing to help in any life situation. Her trainings are also life changing. I am forever grateful for all I've learned from her. "

About Julie Mullins:

Julie is an intuitive energy healer and best seller author. Born in Brazil and lived in Los Angeles for the past 14 years. She recently left Los Angeles and is exploring the World. Currently in Bali, Indonesia.
Julie helps people heal their life (mind, body & spirit), connect to their Soul purpose & achieve greater levels of fulfillment in every area of their life.
Using her incredible intuition & channeling Source energy, she will awaken the healer in you and unlock your true potentials. So that you transform your own life and get empowered to also help others transform their lives. 

How it works:

We meet once a week for 3 months, online via zoom. On Thursdays at 6pm PST. The classes are a combination of learning healing techniques, practicing in group work & receiving energetic healings.
During the week there will be homework, community support & email access to me.
You will learn how to help your clients heal their body, remove obstacles and intuitively guide them to their most fulfilling life. 

Course length: 3 months
When: Thursdays at 6pm PST
Start: Nov 17th 
Where: Online Via Zoom
Investment: $999
(Early bird price until Nov 11th. After $1111)