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Dating & Relationships

Forget Your Ex, Create Your Next!

Energetic secrets to manifest and become irresistible.

Feb 25th 2021

6 week online course

Thursdays at 5pm PST 

This is for you if you check any of these below:

You are single and ready to mingle 

You would like to open your heart but don't know how to start

Your heart is open but you keep attracting ghosts and douchebags 

You don't feel like guys/girls prioritize you.

You don't feel like you receive the same amount of love you give in a relationship.

You don't feel understood or listened to.

The people you are attracted to don't like you back.

You are tired of begging for attention.

You would like to be more noticed. 

You would like to feel more appreciated. 

You no longer identify with who you were and don't feel like you fit in socially. 

You feel unmotivated and frustrated with the current dating scenario. 

You are in a relationship and would like to enhance passion and intimacy 

Week 1

Glow Queen Glow

Glow King Glow 

 Learn the energetic secrets to becoming extremely attractive. 

Rebuild your self worth and glow with a powerful presence.

Energetic healing:

Youth regeneration

& Heart opening 

Week 4

Becoming irresistible  

Learn how to love your body NOW (not after your diet) and be confident af to start dating again.

Learn the energetic ingredients to be magnetic and irresistible to your date/partner.  

Energetic Healing:

Frequency boost 

Week 2

Forget your ex 

Create your next

You are not a museum to collect antiques in your heart.

How to let go of the weight of the past to be free for  your new boo. 

Learn how to create a very specific blueprint of what you want to experience in your next relationship. 

Energetic healing: 

Cord cutting & Soul retrieval.

Week 5

Red flag Queen / King 

Learn how to spot red flags asap so you don't waste your time on something that is not for you.

Learn how to make choices from your heart and let your ego take the back seat. 

Energy healing:

Third eye healing

& Chakra alignment

Week 3

Balancing masculine & feminine energy

Empowering you to experience deeper intimacy.


Learn how to break negative patterns and transform your dating & relationship dynamics.


Energetic healing:

Trauma recovery

Week 6

Manifest your perfect match

Ditch the frustration 

of meeting emotional unavailable people, and learn high frequency modalities to manifest up to your standards. You deserve a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual


Energy healing:

Future self programming


Julie Mullins

Born in Brazil, currently living in Los Angeles, Julie helps people heal their life and find their true purpose. Through her own struggles, heartbreaks and many challenges, she dove deep into a journey of self-development, personal growth and learning healing modalities. Now, Julie dedicates her life to teach people how to heal their life and access their highest potentials. 

"I truly believe that when something happens to us it is not to punish us or to bless us, it is simply mirroring back the energy that we are putting out. When we change our thinking, our actions and our energy, we create different experiences. Most of us grew up unaware of these abilities."

Using her incredible intuition, healing techniques and positive philosophy she will empower you with tools to achieve greater levels of success in all areas of your life.  

Certified by Guided Light Healing School 

Read the most recent article about Julie at Voyage LA Magazine 


What people say:


Marlo L, Healer

I don’t even know where to begin.

Julie is a gift. Not only is she supportive and the most genuine cheerleader of my success and achievements, but she has this innate ability to check in and read any situation energetically. With her spot on intuition she’s able to articulate the meaning and purpose behind my emotions, thoughts, experiences, etc. so that it resonates and is the most useful for my growth and overall happiness. I feel like I can tell her anything and I know I will be met with nothing but love, support. I hands down feel like I have a best friend in my corner looking out for me. I’ve also been lucky enough to experience Julie’s amazing gift of decoding dreams to help me understand what the messages mean and why they show up when they do. More times than I can count she has taken something I’ve been working on for weeks, if not months and has this unique ability to say the perfect thing that helps me understand and see things from a different perspective. In turn this allows me to either let go or shift patterns of things that are no longer serving me or getting to a place of gratitude. She is a true gift as a human, let alone healer. I consider myself extremely lucky that we have crossed paths and I look forward to my ability to flourish with her guidance, healing and support. 


Carola P, Actress

It's life changing!

A new life, a new way of seeing things and doing everything easily. She taught all about energy and how it would come to me if I let it go. And it did!! There was so much I could understand and make things happen after that! Now I also understand that my needs are very important.

Will recommend it a million times.


Stefan C, Real State Agent/Investor

Who knew self love would even increase my sales?!

I make more profitable choices and have all the tools I need to win the day. It is amazing to be in charge of what I attract and how I feel.

So much empowerment!


Daniela R, Business Owner

I wake up with gratitude and trust my intuition, which has led to huge breakthroughs. 

 I opened my business with confidence and my relationship is thriving! Julie has an incredible perception over life's situations and is by far the most gifted healer I know. 

Frequently asked questions:

What if I can't attend it live?

If you can't make it live, don't worry. You get a recording to listen at the time that is most convenient for you.

What do I need to bring/prepare?

Just your beautiful self, your preferred way of taking notes and good lighting so I can see you. 

Do I need to be on camera?

It is not required, you are free to participate as much as you wish. I encourage being on camera because it is a lot more engaging, but it is up to you. 

How long does each class take?

The class runs from 1.5 to 2 hours 

Each class will have an energetic healing through guided meditation, along with learning amazing tools and putting into practice. 

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