Financial Workshop.

3 days workshop to redefine what is possible for you financially. March 19th, 20th & 21st. From 11am to 1pm PST. Online via zoom. 


The secret to financial abundance is in your energy!

We all have heard that money is energy. Then why the heck some people have an easier time to have it and things just naturally workout for them financially?! While some people hustle a lot for it and somehow always end up in situations to pay some extra unexpected stuff! You might look at them and think they are lucky or the Universe likes them better. Or perharps that they have some special gift that you just can't pull off.

But what if there were actually energetic ingredients that the "lucky ones"  are tapped into, and what if their abundance had nothing to do with their luck?!

I am here to tell you there are ingredients! There is an actual energetic formula that determines your money magnetism. 

I have made more money this past year, while working less then ever before. And it's not because I am better than you. But I am, however, using energetic ingredients to make sure I am a magnet to money instead of repealing it. 

In this 3 days workshop I am going to teach you 9 abundance ingredients that will transform your relationship with money. 

There is no one better than you or more gifted than you. It's all just mirroring your energy and what you believe to be true. You deserve to monetize your gifts and live in abundance. 

Ditch the hustle and start aligning. You have always been good enough. It's time to open your wings. 

There will be energetic healings, mindset makeover and lots of practical daily tools that are easy to implement - to unblock your energy and align you with more greens coming in. 

It's time to claim it. 

Image by Fuu J

Spring is a perfect time to Bloom 

How it works:

We meet on March 19th, 20th & 21st. From 11am to 1pm PST. Online via Zoom. 

Each class will be a combination of a financial mindset makeover & learning energetic ingredients. Lots of inner work and easy daily tools to take action. 

Towards the end of the class, there will be a guided healing meditation and time for questions.

You will learn 9 energetic ingredients to align with money instead of hustling. 

It's a full transformation on your relationship with money. 

Investment: $111

The workshop will be taught online live via zoom. If you need to miss a class, you get the recording after.