Father's Day Healing 

The relationship we had with our father growing up is still determining how worthy we feel towards life. Whether you perceived him as present, absent, loving, non existent, over protective, abusive, indifferent, controlling, etc.. consciously or unconsciously It shaped your self esteem. 

Holding on to any resentment, hurt or disappointment creates blocks, repetitive patterns and disharmony in our body It affects our current relationships, our health and professional success.


Signs that show this healing will benefit you:

If you don't have a good relationship with your father today

If you experienced trauma growing up 

If your current relationships don't feel fulfilling 

If you are experiencing trust issues

If you find yourself being needy in relationships

If your masculine and feminine energies feel out of balance

If your body feels blocked for deep connection and intimacy

If your heart feels closed for romance

If you don't feel understood or listened to

If you have a hard time being vulnerable and letting yourself be seen 

Includes energetic healing though guided meditation. 

When: Friday June 18th

Time: 11am PST in English,  3pm PST in Portuguese 

Where: Online via Zoom

Length: 2 hours

Price: $33