Heart Opening Healing

Open Your Heart To Love Again 

After a number of heartbreaks, we tend to close our hearts. We create a wall, a defense barrier, not allowing anyone to come too close to possibly hurt us again.

I do believe taking a moment to know who we are, what we like and to feel enough on our own is extremely important. But this is not about being single or being in a relationship. This is about not being afraid to love. Some single people have their hearts open, some people in relationships have their hearts closed. 

We always have a choice. It is up to us to understand which moment we are in our journey. There is no better choice, only what’s best for each of us. We are already complete, worthy and valuable on our own. However, relationships offer a tremendous amount of growth. (Yes, mostly because of the triggers lol) 

If being in a relationship is what you want, don’t let being afraid stop you. You are deserving of everything your heart desires. 

When we close our hearts to love because of fear and protection, we also close our hearts to life experiences that express love.


Feeling “in love” is a frequency that we deserve to experience. It is a feeling that doesn’t depend on a relationship. It is a feeling that once you open your heart you can experience with many things. 

The purpose of this healing is to heal your heart from past traumas and pains. So you are free to experience love however and whenever you wish to do so. 

What you get:

  • Learn how to manifest and align with a loving and healthy relationship 

  • Learn how to identify a great matcha and notice red flags right away 

  • How to make choices from a place of love instead of fear

  • Energetic Healing 

The energy healing includes:

*Retrieve your energy, cut cords, and let go of past relationships.

*Broken heart healing, removing trauma and pain on a cellular level

*Heart opening to love and high frequency experiences

Sunday August 16th 2020 

At 7pm Pacific Standart Time

Via Zoom 

Duration 1.5 hrs

Price $35.00